Lucky Girl: Brazilian child star Sophia Eldo

That’s right, Brazilian child star Sophia Eldo is in Seoul, preparing for the launch of her new project in Brazil, scheduled for this year.

Between one appointment and another, Sophia attended the last show of the Mistery Elevator tour by South Korean singer, Cha Eun Woo, from the group Astro, of whom she has already confessed to being a big fan on her Instagram  (@sophiaeldoreal).

During the show, star Eun Woo jumped off the stage and called the Brazilian star for a hug, making this special moment for her even more emotional.

Sophia was called Lucky Girl by the K-Pop idol’s fans, who now affectionately call her by that nickname. To follow even more about the Brazilian influencer and model who stopped in Seoul, follow her Instagram: @sophiaeldoreal.