Roche Bobois takes another step to strengthen its commitment to sustainability

The brand now has 260 stores in 60 countries and is expanding at an average rate of opening one store per month

Roche Bobois, the prestigious French furniture brand, reiterates its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility through its innovative and eco-friendly approach to furniture design. The company, recognized for its meticulous attention to detail and its constant search for excellence, stands out not only for its creativity and quality, but also for its deep ecological awareness.

Each piece of Roche Bobois furniture combines the vision of its designers with the personality of its clients: from the choice of shapes to the selection of materials, each piece of furniture becomes an expression of individuality and exclusivity. Beyond aesthetics, Roche Bobois is committed to being a responsible brand, manufacturing all its products exclusively in Europe with a firm respect for materials and the environment. In addition, on-demand manufacturing promotes waste reduction through the Zero Stock strategy.

SetUp sofa, completely recyclable

One of the most notable examples of this commitment is the SetUp sofa, designed by Sacha Lakic. Part of Roche Bobois’ collection of large sectional sofas, this sofa not only offers exceptional comfort and stunning design, but is also completely recyclable. Each element of the SetUp sofa is separable and made with recyclable materials, standing out as an example of eco-design in the furniture industry.

To ensure the sustainability of its products, Roche Bobois collaborates with the FCBA on the Eco8 qualitative assessment, a key tool that guides the ecological design process. With eight environmental impact criteria, Eco8 ensures that each product meets the highest sustainability standards. The SetUp sofa has earned an outstanding rating of 3.5 out of 4, highlighting its commitment to durability, workshop environmental management, efficient energy consumption and ease of recycling.

In addition, Roche Bobois has implemented a number of initiatives to further improve its environmental profile, including reducing VOC emissions, obtaining standards and certifications for its workshops, and implementing an eco-design guide for its designers.

With its constant innovation, savoir-faire and commitment to excellence, Roche Bobois continues to inspire and lead the way towards a brighter, greener future. Each piece of furniture produced reflects its position as a leader in sustainable design, reaffirming its commitment to preserving the environment at every stage of the manufacturing process.