Apple is betting on Spain and will invest in a new solar energy project in Segovia

“We are proud to provide new clean energy to the networks in Spain to help offset the electricity our customers use to charge their devices,” the company highlighted

Apple wants to be completely carbon neutral by 2030. Therefore, the company has just announced that it will invest in solar energy in Spain, helping to offset the electricity that customers use to charge and use their Apple devices.

Those from Cupertino have partnered with the international solar development platform ib vogt in an investment that will generate 105 megawatts of solar energy when the project comes online at the end of 2024.

The photovoltaic plant known as Castaño Solar is one of three projects with a fixed-price, payment-for-production power purchase agreement (PPA) that ib vogt is currently building in the province of Segovia and is expected to be fully operational in December 2024. ib vogt is committed to generating a positive and lasting social and environmental impact in the region, implementing a series of conservation initiatives in the development of this solar park to ensure that the construction responds to environmental protection efforts.

These initiatives include reforestation projects for local flora and fauna within the perimeter of the solar plant, the installation of nest boxes for native birds and the provision of a protected habitat with an area of ​​at least 10 hectares. Work will also stop during the breeding season to ensure that construction does not affect the animals that inhabit the area. In addition, exhaustive control of all earthworks will be maintained to avoid any negative impact.

The project will use state-of-the-art bifacial solar panels in a single-axis tracking system to maximize energy production. It is estimated that the electricity generated annually by the solar plant will avoid up to 57,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Apple’s vice president of Environmental, Social and Internal Policy initiatives, Lisa Jackson, has expressed her satisfaction at providing “new clean energy to the networks in Spain to help offset the electricity our customers use to charge their devices”.

For his part, Anton Milner, CEO of ib vogt, has stressed that Spain “has become an important market for photovoltaic solar energy, with great opportunities for companies to benefit from low-cost solar energy and low carbon emissions.” carbon. This PPA is a perfect example and I would like to thank all the parties involved who helped make this happen, especially the team at Apple who partnered with us on this project. “We have a growing portfolio in Spain with more corporate PPA opportunities through our turnkey solar projects.”

Apple, committed to matching every watt with clean energy by 2030

Electricity, both to make Apple products and to charge them, makes up the majority of Apple’s global carbon footprint. To address greenhouse gas emissions associated with customer use of devices, Apple has committed to matching every watt of charging electricity with clean electricity by 2030, including large-scale investments in new energy. renewables in markets around the world.

This is part of a broader strategy to minimize emissions from the use of Apple products through efficiency improvements, engaging with customers to identify opportunities to help decarbonize the grid, and building clean electricity projects that maximize carbon reduction and social impact.