Philipp Plein’s new watches conquer Geneva

The brand has presented its new Crypto King Flying Tourbillon and Crypto King Hexagon lines at Watches and Wonders 2024 in the Swiss capital

Like every year, the world of fine watchmaking has gathered at Watches and Wonders 2024 in Geneva. And this year, one of the absolute protagonists has been, without a doubt, Philipp Plein, who has managed to leave everyone speechless with the presentation of two impressive new lines called to redefine luxury on our wrists: Crypto King Flying Tourbillon and the fascinating Crypto King Hexagon.

Furthermore, the firm has not skimped on extravagance when presenting its latest creation. With an exclusive pop-up store in the heart of Geneva, it has transported its visitors to a world where luxury and innovation converge. The city’s stunning views of the lake have provided the backdrop for a collection that challenges the boundaries of high-end watchmaking.

Philipp Plein, founder and creative director, shared his enthusiasm for the occasion: “Watches have always been a form of personal expression. With this collection, we are redefining the concept of luxury, offering our customers a unique experience that combines sophistication and style.

Crypto King Flying Tourbillon: more than a watch, a masterpiece

The crown jewel of this collection is the stunning PHILIPP PLEIN Crypto King Flying Tourbillon, a timepiece that defies gravity. Every detail of its design, from the exceptionally open dial to its innovative materials such as forged carbon, reflects the brand’s passion for excellence.

The 55 x 46mm case features a hexagonal pattern that offers at a glance the meticulous craftsmanship within. Powered by the manually wound Landeron PWL100LPP movement with its signature coaxial flying tourbillon, this watch combines precision with beauty. In addition, it contains 18 jewels and a 42-hour power reserve, ensuring exceptional performance. It also highlights its double-domed sapphire crystal and anti-reflective coating, which makes it not only a masterpiece of design, but also a miracle of engineering with water resistance of up to 30 meters.