Andréia Roma talks about promoting diversity in the publishing market

The founder of Editora Leader comments on her legacy and projects that empower the female audience

Andréia Roma has over twenty-three years of experience in sales and marketing in the publishing market. She is a researcher, journalist with over 200 developed and published works. Her responsibilities include being a specialist in Editorial Marketing, editorial curation, constructing business biographies, conducting academic work, creating various therapeutic games, and establishing several editorial imprints. Additionally, she is an expert in Educational and Organizational Projects, a psychoanalyst, and a therapist focusing on editorial care.

She is the founder of Editora Leader and the Series in the Corporate World, created in 2014, a collection of pioneering books and corporate projects with over a thousand authors published in Brazil in the corporate sector, focusing on highlighting professionals who are examples and inspiration. “My passion for literature emerged at a young age, recognizing the power of stories to transform lives. The initial drive to found Editora Leader came from my determination to make a difference and fill the gap of female representation in the publishing world,” she says.

According to the professional, the lack of female representation in Editora Leader led her to realize the need to create a space dedicated to women. “In 2014, I designed a collection aimed at them, launching the first book in 2015, with the goal of celebrating and recording female voices through their various professions,” she emphasizes.

Of course, like any pioneering work, there are obstacles to face. “I faced challenges such as lack of funding and resistance from some sectors of the publishing industry when creating and developing the Women’s Series. However, my determination and passion for the women’s cause drove me to overcome each obstacle, resulting in the series growing in popularity and influence,” she recalls.

For her, the Women’s Series has a significant impact on promoting diversity and gender equality in literature, giving voice to talented authors from all backgrounds and fields. “The main results include greater female representation in the publishing industry and inspiration for female writers and readers around the world,” she points out.

Her mission to empower women goes beyond the publishing industry. She notes: “My legacy extends beyond the books published under the Women’s Series label, reflecting my dedication to gender equality and diversity promotion in literature. My tireless work has opened doors to new narratives and perspectives, leaving a lasting impact on cultural transformation and the fight for gender equality.” And for those who think she is already satisfied with her accomplishments so far, they are mistaken. Andréia Roma knows she can go further and wants that for herself and all women. “My hopes for the future of female diversity in literature include further amplifying women’s voices and promoting diversity in the publishing industry. I hope to achieve these goals through collaboration with companies and major supporters, expanding our reach not only in Brazil but in many other countries, where women will be transformed and impacted by stories,” she concludes.