ChatGPT becomes an opportunity for success for startups

The AI-based chat system is an opportunity for start-ups that need technology support  


As artificial intelligence and the new trend of ChatGPT become more and more relevant on the internet, many venture capital funds are looking at this sector to make any bets to invest in an industry that is growing by the minute.


The benefits of this tool are currently growing exponentially in branches such as digital marketing, computing, philosophy and even finance, among others, opening the possibility for entrepreneurs to generate new ideas.


Such is the success generated by OpenAI, the startup creator of ChatGPT, which has recently extended a multimillion-dollar cooperation agreement that includes the exclusive use of Azure as a cloud system


An alliance with Microsoft was also announced to work with the Bing search engine, which seeks to surpass Google. With the release of free access to this new way of generating content, entrepreneurs can launch their own ideas much faster than before.


The uses of artificial intelligence are almost infinite, but there are multiple possibilities focused on the startup sector:


  • Chatbots: With the tool you can create chatbots that can hold conversations with people in an automated and intelligent way. Chatbots connected to the OpenAI API will create a new user experience.
  • HR Analysis: They have the ability to analyze the tone and sentiment of a text. This functionality will boost the reading of feelings on social networks.
  • Automatic translation: ChatGPT can be used to automatically translate text from one language to another.
  • Automation of administrative tasks: Allows you to automate administrative tasks such as email classification, report creation, expense report generation.


Latin startups that are using openAI technology


Recently, the talent development and management platform, Crehana, announced the incorporation of a new course that will be fully developed with the help of artificial intelligence, all through the merger between ChatGPT and Synthesia, a platform that allows the creation of audio productions and high quality video.


The course is called AI in Human Resources: understanding and ethical application. Crehana’s team says AI has allowed them to build content in a way they haven’t done before. Another Latin American company that is taking advantage of this technology is Avocados From Mexico, which is part of the Avocado Producers and Packers-Exporters Association of Mexico, which announced at the end of January that they would use ChatGPT for a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl.


An investment opportunity


A striking investment case brought about by the advent of this technology was Jasper, the content creation company claimed to use ChatGPT in its system and raised $125 million in a Series A round, which ended at a $1,500 valuation. dollars for the company.


However, AI technology can also be applied to sectors such as health, an example is Source Meridian, focused on optimizing health systems to save time in the execution of certain activities in a hospital, such as appointment allocation and review of medical history.


“The technologies that are hot right now will be the norm in three years. That’s why I decided to start a company dedicated to healthcare, offering forward-thinking solutions,” says Michael Hoey, founder of Source Meridian.


In short, AI is the future of many industries, and all the possibilities that the inclusion of this technology brings in new and innovative sectors should not be overlooked, not only at an operational level, but also at a tangible level, where there is also room for creating all kinds of solutions to everyday problems.