Lexus Art Month starts

Painting, sculpture, graphic work or artistic installations of all kinds. Like transforming a luxury car into a canvas for creators. The goal is to support talent and creativity, and to do so on one of the biggest stages in the world. Welcome to Madrid Art Month. Or ‘Lexus Art Month’. The manufacturer of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric luxury cars, Lexus, has set out to maximize its commitment in the territory of art, design and avant-garde creation by confirming its presence at three fairs from March 6 to 10 in the capital. We talk about spaces where you can explore the freshest languages, integrate different aesthetic codes and find new trends in the art world. This is a journey that goes far beyond the automotive world. The ‘Lexus Art Month’ in Madrid starts.

Four Wheel Canvases

Since 1982, the international contemporary art fair in Spain has been one of the main platforms in the sector. From March 6 to 10 we will be able to enjoy a new edition of ARCO at IFEMA Madrid, which will feature Lexus as the official vehicle. But not only because of the deployment of its fleet of luxury hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric cars to transport guests to the venue.

As if it were just another gallery owner, the automobile brand will have its own exhibition space where the impressive artistic intervention that, on an RX, has won the Lexus Art Car 2023 contest will be shown for the first time. In addition, it will deliver, For the fourth consecutive year, the ‘Lexus Award’ for the gallery with the best stand and artistic content at ARCOmadrid 2024.

Within the ‘Lexus Art Month’, we look at the Crystal Gallery of the Cibeles Palace for another of the great showcases of the sector. The Art Madrid fair, which is now in its 19th edition, will bring together around 40 national and international galleries that will contribute their current and fresh vision of the art scene. For the first time, the fair will have Lexus as an official sponsor.

The brand sets itself the challenge of selling a unique vehicle: the NX operated by the multidisciplinary collective Casa Antillón. The result of this collaboration is a work of art that can only be purchased at Art Madrid. “The intervention we have carried out for the Lexus NX focuses on animating the exterior of the vehicle, whose white surface becomes the canvas on which a parade of black silhouettes dance and tell a mysterious story.” This is how the artists of Casa Antillón explain it. “They are the traces of our own alphabet and represent a journey, a path of forms that we have created over the years. The car, on its journey, will take this story to unexpected places where the curious eye of the passerby will be able to imagine its own story,” they conclude.

Last stop, the UVNT Art Fair. Between March 7 and 10, we will be able to delve into this exchange space, where emerging and mid-career artists and other big names on the national and international contemporary scene seek to reimagine the current cultural landscape through contemporary art. UVNT Art Fair celebrates its 8th edition with Lexus as a partner.

The automobile firm has made the new LBX available to emerging artist Sergio Mora, a small urban SUV aimed at young drivers. The car, in brand new red, is presented in a box, like a collector’s item that will be exhibited for all the public who visit the fair.

Likewise, Lexus also collaborates in the UVNT Art Fair’s ‘Public Art Program’. We are talking about a route that invites reflection and artistic appreciation within the frenetic pace of Madrid, thus creating a link between the city and the fair, between the outside and the inside, between the daily routine of a walk and the surprise of art. From February 26 to March 12, the streets of Madrid will become an open-air gallery where pedestrians will be able to discover the work of Oscar Abraham Pavón in the Plaza de Callao, that of Cesc Abad at the intersection of Montera Street and Gran Vía and Grip Face on Gran Vía and Alcalá