MD Giselle Mello talks about the integrative aesthetic treatment market

The doctor MD Giselle Mello, from Mello Clinic, unites medicine and beauty in a single space.

In a world where health and self-esteem are crucial keys to happiness, she believes that offering this type of work is beneficial for those who perform it and for those who offer it, however, it is necessary to be prepared to always offer the best and newest on the market.

In short: the professional needs to recycle constantly.

We spoke with the doctor to find out more about this field of work and how to succeed. Check out!

Contextualizing your industry, what would be aesthetic and integrative treatments?

MD Giselle Mello – Well, the treatments of integrative aesthetics show themselves as supplementary therapies, less aggressive than the consecrated, conventional treatments, capable of seeing the client and his aesthetic alterations under an integral aspect, which takes into account a context of the emotional, physical, mental faculties , spiritual.


Currently, the offer of services aimed at beauty are many. How should a professional and a company have their planning, trajectory, routine, among others, to stand out and get their place in this niche?

MD Giselle Mello – During the pandemic, it was one of the most impacted sectors, however, it is currently among the sectors that recover the most, grow.

Not only in the sphere of aesthetics, but in all areas, it is imperative for the professional to reinvent himself, train himself, humanize himself, with logical, assertive and intelligent organization and planning; with field surveys, to know the real need of its customers. Not forgetting ethics based on moral issues.


"Not only in the sphere of aesthetics, but in all areas, it is imperative for the professional to reinvent himself"

“Not only in the sphere of aesthetics, but in all areas, it is imperative for the professional to reinvent himself”

What is essential to stay in business?

MD Giselle Mello – Diligent, serious work. Take care of your business, like you take care of “the apple of your eye”!


Talking a little about yourself, how was your career start and how did you get to the level you are today?

MD Giselle Mello – I am a doctor, graduated in Medicine from the Federal University of Pará in 2009. Since 2002 I have dedicated myself to teaching, as I already knew that I always liked to transmit what I was learning. And this year Merit Honor Award from the Baixo Amazonas Association, for working with young people and adolescents in teaching good values ​​at an institution of the Seventh-day Adventist Church called Desbravadores.

During my years at the Faculty of Medicine, I always dedicated myself to visiting people in hospitals on Saturdays and bringing a word of comfort and doing volunteer work at the Adventist Hospital of Belém do Pará, in an institution called PIA para Estudantes de Medicina. I have always viewed my training and personal growth in a positive way, helping, looking at others, dedicating time to transforming some of Lives that needed there. And that made me change my view of life and even be more collaborative within college. Showing how much we can do with little.

In 2003 I participated in the creation and edition of a CD of Neuroanatomy by images for a practical course in Neuroanatomy at UFPA, so that we could start a Learning platform for first-year medical students at UFPA. After that, I understood that through science we would be able to learn more and contribute to the advancement of medicine in Brazil and the world, from then on I joined other students from Medicine and we started to do relevant scientific work and in 2005 – Publication and oral presentation at the 55th Congrèss de la Société de Neurochirurgie de Langue Française, in addition to Publications at the XI Congress of the Brazilian Academy of Neurosurgery, 2005.

In 2007-2008 I became President of the Brazilian Association of Neurology and Neurosurgery, elected at the Congress of the Brazilian Academy of Neurosurgery in 2007.

After my training in Medicine in 2009, I started to work in urgent and emergency services because I wanted to have greater contact within the SUS – the unified health system – and where, within the Amazon region, I can say that I had the greatest learning experience in life and medicine, I do not regret having been there for a few years after my training, providing me with experiences that taught me to be a doctor with all the structure that Medicine can provide, but also with the most inhospitable conditions for medical practice.

There I was able to understand medicine for the riverside, for the indigenous, for the Amazonians and I carry with me the happiness and certainty that I was able to learn and teach a lot.
When I left medical school and during it I thought about doing a Neurosurgery Residency and I dedicated myself to internships, surgeries, work, outpatient clinics for this specialty, but when I didn’t find myself as a full professional in training, so I decided to get to know other areas of medicine.

In 2013 I started a postgraduate course in Urgency and Emergency at the Faculty of Medical Sciences-MG, which gave me the strength to work in the removal of critically ill patients by land and air and to work in clinical management of hospitals.

In 2014 I started another Post-Graduation in Preceptorship for Medical Residency at the Teaching and Research Institute of Hospital Sírio Libanês, right there in my mind, I knew the clear difference between what I had learned until then and what would come.

In 2014 I started a Post-Graduation in Aesthetic Medicine at ISBRAE in São Paulo, I always liked cosmetics because my grandmother had one It manufactures and distributes shampoo, conditioner and lipstick and I believe that Motivated me to love and fall in love with this beautiful world of aesthetics. From then on, I started to participate in Aesthetic Medicine Congresses 2013-2017.

In 2017 was Enrollment in the Molecular Biology Workshop applied to the diagnosis of infectious and non-infectious diseases – Michigan State University This year I also started a postgraduate course in facial harmonization at Faculdade Campos Elísios, São Paulo and a postgraduate course in Dermatology -ISMD-Instituto Superior de Medicina e Dermatologia – São Paulo/SP, in addition to participating in the Mutirão of the Red Cross of São Paulo, participation in the Academy International with Dr. Thierry Hertoghe.

What I can say is that for more than a decade I have put aesthetic medicine in my life and I dedicate myself every day to getting to know More and teach more than I know.

In 2020, when the world faced the Coronavirus Pandemic, I dedicated myself to confronting it and put the clinic where I am at the front to care for mild cases and I also worked at the Campaign Hospital Combating the Coronavirus Guarulhos, in São Paulo, at the Anhembi Campaign Hospital – Covid also in São Paulo.

Acting in the Semi Intensive of Covid Hospital Salvalus Notredame Intermedica, São Paulo/SP.

Currently I can say that I feel between challenges and also a lot of gratitude for everything so far, for having a family at Mello Clinic, a legacy, one Platform for face-to-face and online courses for teaching, a multidisciplinary team always focusing on what we can Do so that people have more quality of life and health.

My mission has always been to transform lives and make dreams come true, which is why I now give lectures so that more people can feel that this is possible and that I can shorten distances between the dream and its realization.

And that made me change my view of life and even be more collaborative within college. Showing how much we can do with little”

What do you consider essential for anyone who wants to reach a place of success?

MD Giselle Mello – Studies, research, continuing education, focusing on principles and values, because everyone can have a “place in the sun”.

Today, speaking in your area, what are the great flagships? And what do you notice the difference in this scenario of some time, for example? That is, how does this market recycle itself?

MD Giselle Mello – Innovations are permanent, as technology is dynamic. The main highlights in my area are: natural rejuvenation through minimally invasive procedures, which are capable of transforming lives and making dreams come true, body and facial hair are and mark the change of standard in aesthetic and integrative procedures.


And what is necessary for the professional to be prepared to meet this demand, as well as the company?

MD Giselle Mello – Research precisely recommends that it is necessary to have speed to counter market changes, this is suitable both for the company’s business standards, as well as for skills, professional skills. Creativity, diversity, flexibility, well-being and automation are the watchwords that best summarize the direction of work.


Do you believe that nowadays women are more concerned about their appearance? Why? And how does this impact (both positively and negatively) on your work?

MD Giselle Mello – In our clinic we receive both men and women, however, they are still more frequent. Despite the fact that the job market increasingly demands men who show style and vanity, as a good appearance, performance in these cases, also counts a lot in terms of personal marketing.

It’s hard to find a woman who doesn’t want to change a little bit, a small part of her body, full breasts, big butt and flat abdomen, is the dream of most. There are certain beauty ghosts that tend to haunt women. The most expressive fears are: getting fat, the signs of time, sagging, getting fat… It’s part of female nature.


The main highlights in my area are: natural rejuvenation through minimally invasive procedures that are capable of transforming lives and making dreams come true”


Finally, today the beauty industry is one of the most promising and also one of the most profitable. Could you give us an idea of ​​how much profit is possible in the area?

MD Giselle Mello – The average monthly billing of an aesthetic clinic is R$ 50,000, taking into account that at least 2 clients are served per day. This is the possibility!


Image Credits: Waldir Évora