The company behind Messi’s personal brand goes on Nasdaq in search of US$ 7.5 million

The objective of MGO Global is to sell 1.5 million shares at US$ 5. The man from Rosario is his only client and one of the investors is the sister of an internationally recognized fashion designer  


After winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, everything related to Lionel Messi is listed on the stock market. In some cases, this is literal, such as the listing on Nasdaq of the company that manages your clothing brand and everything related to your personal brand or lifestyle.


MGO Global was founded in 2018 and among its investors is Ginny Hilfiger, sister of renowned fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger. So far, he only has Rosario as a client and, among his activities, is the production of clothing for his brand.


Most of these models can be seen on Lionel Messi’s own account as he usually models the capsules they make.  In order to expand its operations, this Friday, January 6, the company planned its first IPO (Initial Public Offering) on ​​Nasdaq.


Finally, it was moved to January 13, although the objective remains the same: to take advantage of the footballer’s international popularity to motivate investors to shell out their money.


As reported, the brand will sell shares under the acronym MGOL and the objective is to sell 1.5 million of them at US$5. If the objective is achieved, they will get US$7.5 million and a market capitalization of around US$66 million.