A dictionary of female empowerment

The Fundación Genias project had more than 40 women opinion leaders from different fields

To commemorate International Women’s Day, Genias —the organization that seeks to promote and make women’s entrepreneurship and job development visible— launched the “Genias Dictionary: 50 Words to Live Female Empowerment”, a book that defines 50 related words to female empowerment and that seeks to raise awareness about the importance of promoting gender equality.

More than 40 women opinion leaders – several of them featured among Forbes’ 30 Powerful Women 2022 – such as the journalist and newscaster, Mónica Rincón, the businesswoman Alejandra Mustakis, the activist and founder of Tremendas, Julieta Martínez, and the director of Women Entrepreneurs, Francisca Valdés, collaborated on the project in order to contribute their own vision regarding the current status of women in society.

Regarding the impact of a project like this and the reasons that motivated its creation, Jimena Zapata, founder and CEO of Genias, said that “this concept has guided our work and purpose since its inception, which is to promote the labor development of women . For this reason, this book materializes not only the work that we have been doing for more than 5 years in pursuit of the empowerment of women, but also allows us to make visible certain problems that persist today, in addition to making a call to action and dialogue around the need to continue promoting gender equality.”

For her part, the Director of Women Entrepreneurs, Francisca Valdés, stressed the importance of more collaboration and impact initiatives. “In order to advance in the inclusion of women in all areas of development, several things are needed, and this book contributes to two very important ones: the first is to make role models visible, bringing together more than 40 women leaders from different fields of action and, the second, is to write down important concepts to understand to generate a culture more open to female participation”.