Alef Model A: the flying car that will begin to circulate in 2025

The prototype received authorization from the US Aviation Authority for display, research and development 

The first flying car that could begin to be produced commercially has a name: Alef Model A. It is an eVOLT (electric vertical clearance and landing car) that recently obtained airworthiness certification from the United States Federal Aviation Administration for test this prototype.

The founders of Alef Automotive have been working on its development since 2015 with the intention that by the end of 2025 they will begin making the first deliveries of the vehicle, which could reach a value of $300,000.

This flying car would be the first of its kind that can be driven on land, at a maximum speed of 40 km/h, and parked like a normal car. Meanwhile, to fly through the air, the Model A has eight fans, mounted coaxially, which allow it to rise vertically.

More about Alef Model A design

Once up, the cabin, which can accommodate two passengers, rotates 90 degrees to the side and is stabilized by a gimbal system, slowly tilting its structure as it picks up speed. Although they can also stay horizontal and, in addition, it has a parachute, as part of its safety equipment.

In its exterior design, the curved shapes stand out, resembling a small spaceship with a central capsule. The mesh body hides the propellers.

According to Alef Automotive specifications, the vehicle can achieve a range of up to 322 km in ground mode and approximately 177 km in flight.