European airline Corendon Airlines to offer “child-free” zone on planes

Since November, the company Corendon Airlines will allow passengers for an additional fee for the “child-free” zone

The Turkish-Dutch airline Corendon Airlines will launch the pilot with ‘adults only’ seats to avoid the company of children for passengers who indicate it on their flights between Amsterdam and Curaçao.

The proposal will take effect in November, with the intention that it will only be occupied by people over 16 years of age, separated by walls and curtains that isolate noise during the 10 hours that the flight usually takes.

The area will have 100 seats in the “child-free” zone with a fixed rate of $49, and if they want more comfort in their legs, up to $109.

The founder of Corendon Airlines, Atilay Uslu, indicated that this measure seeks to provide peace of mind during the flight. “We also believe that this can have a positive effect for parents traveling with young children. They will be able to enjoy the flight without worrying that their children will make too much noise.

According to the company, this option also seeks to calm concerns with an “initiative that can have a positive effect on parents traveling with young children,” says the founder. In this way, they will be able to enjoy the flight “without worrying about the noise of their children” with a more personalized and relaxing experience.

This does not prohibit children from traveling on the same plane, but from being separated in a different section. “We are proud to be the first Dutch airline to introduce an adults-only zone, as it caters to travelers looking for a little more peace and quiet on their trip,” said Atilay Uslu.

This flight option joins other airlines that have implemented the option of traveling without children. This is the case of the airline “Air Asia”, with the “Quiet Zone”, or the Singaporean airline Scoot, with the “ScootinSilence”.