Here’s Wall Street star Jim Cramer’s advice for surviving today’s volatility

The famous CNBC host explained what investors should do to avoid going into crisis and to be able to enjoy solid financial returns in the long term  


Jim Cramer, the former Wall Street hedge fund manager and current host of CNBC’s financial show Mad Money, gave some sage advice for investors to navigate today’s volatile markets.


He simply said that investors, mainly newbies, are trading too much out of fear, making irrational moves, instead of taking a long-term perspective and “accentuating the positive.”

The expert acknowledged that investors’ concerns are well-founded and that the current stock market situation seems to be reflecting “the sum of all fears”, since record inflation went from a fierce rise in rates, going through an almost world war and, more recently, a bank collapse.


However, Cramer said buying and selling in these precarious times is not the solution because “no one has any idea” what the ultimate long-term impact of these external events will be.


To argue his position, he mentioned that the fall of Silicon Valley Bank raised concerns of a repeat of the Great Recession, which led to massive sales of oil and industrial companies.


However, regional banks held steady after the Treasury secretary said deposits would be protected, sending investors back to energy and industry.


“Anyone who thinks they know what’s going to happen in the next hour or two has been wrong this time. But if you look longer term, if you own shares of high-quality companies that have good balance sheets…history says you tend to be a winner,” Cramer said.