How Hailey Bieber continues to grow her innovative beauty brand, Rhode

While Rhode is still enjoying the sweetness of “Strawberry Girl Summer,” the brand is ushering in a deliciously colorful “Tinted Fall”

Following Rhode’s recent launch of its limited-edition “Strawberry Glaze” peptide lip treatment (and the accompanying “Krispy Kreme Strawberry Glazed Donut” activation), the skincare brand launched by Hailey Bieber now has launching a new category of products: color cosmetics.

Peptide Lip Tint, which will officially launch on September 28, is a tinted version of their popular Peptide Lip Treatment. Starting with four shades, the sheer yet buildable colors melt onto lips for a touch of tint and a glossy finish. From the same day of the launch of its new product, the brand will also expand its distribution to five new markets: France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Ireland.

Bieber, who as a supermodel has appeared on the cover of many international magazines, is flexing her muscles as a businesswoman. From day one, Rhode’s ethos has been to create effective skincare essentials that nourish the skin barrier and deliver an instant glow (at an affordable price).

Using the same nourishing formula as Lip Treat, Lip Tint offers four fragrance-free shades (Ribbon, Tan, Espresso, and Raspberry Jelly) for a rich, tinted shine with a hint of sweetness that fits effortlessly into a Rhode routine. “I believe skincare and beauty should be fun, and these tints are meant to be,” Bieber shares.

Peptide Lip Treatments and Tints aren’t all play and no action: With effective, vegan key ingredients including Shea Butter, Peptides, Cupuaçu and Babassu, the treatments and tint’s restorative formula leaves lips naturally plump, hydrated. and nourished.

The shade names are reminiscent of food, while “ribbon” is a nod to Bieber’s childhood as a ballet dancer. “I was a ballet dancer, and makeup played an important role as a performer,” Bieber shares. «And I love making the correlation between food, skincare and beauty because I love food too! “So I’m taking all these things that I love in my personal life and trying to bring them all together in one space and express them creatively through my eyes.”

“I think a lot of people don’t realize or don’t know how far in advance we planned all of this. From the beginning, even before launching Rhode, there was a conversation about the categories we see ourselves entering and what is organic to me. The makeup was always going to arrive; “It was just a matter of what it was going to be.” Once it became clear that Peptide Lip Treatment (also known as Lip Treat and PLT) already had an existing, effective formula that people considered a bestseller, “adding a nice color tint to that product was the best way to start.” to immerse ourselves in this new category,” continues Bieber.

When it comes to Lip Treat’s epic success, it’s impossible to ignore the numbers.

-Since the brand’s launch, Lip Treat has become Rhode’s best-selling product, on track to sell its one millionth peptide lip treatment. -When the brand launched in June 2022, all peptide lip treatment offerings sold out within three days and proceeded to create a total waitlist of 440,000. -Rhode’s “Vanilla Cake” peptide lip treatment drove Google searches for “lip treatment” to an all-time high. -The total wait list for all peptide lip treatments, including the limited edition “Passionfruit Jelly” that launched earlier this spring and their most recent “Strawberry Glaze,” stands at more than 570,000. There’s no doubt that the push from the Krispy Kreme campaign and all things “Strawberry Glaze” is still very much in vogue, and surprisingly, Bieber reached out to the iconic donut brand before launching Rhode. Bieber’s go-big attitude is what ensures the brand is a manifestation of his vision and that he never settles for less.

“It was an idea I had a long time ago, since the beginning of the brand,” Bieber shares. “Before we even launched, we had a conversation with Krispy Kreme in 2021. I was like, ‘We have to do something with Krispy Kreme.’ They have the most perfectly glazed and delicious donuts in the world: Krispy Kreme or nothing. It makes a lot of sense: glazed donuts rock forever.”

When Bieber launched the “Strawberry Glaze Skin” shake with Erewhon (which is still going strong and selling between 1,200 and 1,500 units a day), the now famous “Strawberry Glaze” flavor really came to life and became a signature for Rhode and Bieber , before the peptide lip treatment of the same name is launched. Thanks to the mixing, the nostalgic aroma of strawberry glaze developed.

“I knew I wanted it to smell like a strawberry glazed donut because it was my favorite donut growing up: with sprinkles. I wanted it to have that nostalgic backstory. So we went back to Krispy Kreme and told them about the shake and the Erewhon flavor. We wanted to know if there was some world where we could launch this peptide lip treatment with Krispy Kreme and this time they said, “We actually had a limited edition strawberry glazed donut that we can bring back.” and it can be a lot of fun. Let’s make it happen.’”

Nostalgia is a key pillar when it comes to Rhode’s brand and product development. “When we were formulating the peptide lip treatments, I wanted them to be super steeped in nostalgia, so that when people got their hands on them, it brought them back to a time when they were like, ‘Oh, this smells like that lipstick. I ate it in high school” or “this reminds me of my favorite dessert” or “this smells like something that was really important to me.” And that will always be important to me for the brand. “We always have a lot of things to do in our lives, so being able to play with makeup and beauty is one of the pleasures we get in this world.”

Bieber’s caption “Strawberry Girl Summer” on his Instagram community of 50.6 million people unleashed a storm of strawberry-themed makeup, manicures, looks and general social moments. We can call it a perfect storm of virality. “I said to myself, let me hint at this and see where it goes, and then I started seeing all these amazing TikTok creators doing their own version of this makeup and they called it ‘strawberry girl makeup,’ and it was a very fun to connect with other creators in the beauty community.”

As for Bieber’s effect on pop culture, beauty and fashion, it is a phenomenon that can never be orchestrated, faked or imitated. It’s clear that as a founder, marketer and consumer, Bieber is a trendsetter and on top of what’s next, ensuring Rhode is primed for global success. “I’m not trying to impose a trend on anyone,” Bieber says. “I just like to share what I like and what I’m doing.

That’s why I love playing creative director at Rhode: I have so much fun with these vibes and these ideas that come to my mind and then whatever you realize, it’s amazing. I love that. “People gravitate toward certain things and as long as they have fun with them, I think that’s the point, right?” he concludes