The I Love Kuduro project has been chosen as a finalist in the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences European awards , The Lovie Awards

I Love Kuduro’s  digital platform has been announced as a finalist in the categories, as well as Best Creators in  Social Networks as well as Entertainment & Sports on Social Networks at The LOVIE Awards.  The LOVIE Awards of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences honor the content creators and projects from around the world with the greatest digital impact on the European market.

I Love Kuduro is competing alongside distinguished major brands MTV’s European VMA and Al Jazeera Digital, among other international brands and creators in the race for The Lovie Awards.

I Love Kuduro is a project founded by African artist & entrepreneur Coréon Dú in 2011 with the “Kuduro Sessions “ African electronic music parties in Paris (France),  Berlin (Germany) and an epynomious festival . The project includes the I Love Kuduro Festival, the popular Kuduro Sessions parties, the award-winning documentary I Love Kuduro: From Angola to the World ( official selection at HotDocs, Rio Film Festival, Guadalajara Film Festival) and a digital platform of the same name which produces content such as podcasts and behind-the-scenes content about one of Africa’s most electrifying music and dance genres, Kuduro.

I Love Kuduro’s presence has been gaining growing mainstream presence thanks to growing virality of its content in Brazil ao much so that a form of Angolan slang crated by Kuduro artists called  aportugusaire ( https://fb. watch/nmT-D-d70l/ ) is becoming increasingly popular amongst Brazilian Millenials and Gen Z including by mainstream artists and influencers . Over the years Brazilian artists and figures such as Lázaro Ramos ( ) , Matuê ( , Fernanda Lima ( ) and Fausto Silva ( ) have supported the Angolan project with various mentions and highlights of moments and figures affected by I Love Kuduro in their projects or social media .

I Love Kuduro has already had events in Paris, Berlin, Luanda, New York, Stockholm, Ibiza, Amsterdam and Lisbon. Since its transformation into a digital platform, I Love Kuduro has become one of the biggest references on African electronic music and dance.

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