Juliana Fiúza launches new mega hair technique that will revolutionize the hair extensions market

Juliana Fiúza is a beauty businesswoman and speaker, recognized with several national and international awards for developing a stretching technique that does not damage natural hair. Now, she launches ‘Invisible Comfort’ on the market, a new and exclusive mega hair technique. This technique uses the same base as the Juliana Fiúza invisible adhesive tape, but it is even more delicate, imperceptible to the touch and painless during application, which takes just 50 minutes. Furthermore, it does not cause damage to your natural hair and there is no loss of strands from stretching, maintaining the original length. More comfort and fewer restrictions to feel beautiful on the inside and wonderful on the outside. Without the use of glue or sewing, this is a truly incredible release!

‘Invisible Comfort’ is the perfect technique for those who have not adapted to tape and are looking for a natural finish without damaging their hair. After all, it’s not just about hair, it’s about renewing your self-esteem. Juliana Fiúza is a great reference when it comes to mega hair and hair health, accumulating numerous awards both on the national and international scene. All of these awards are in recognition of her incredible hair lengthening techniques that preserve the health of natural hair.

The mega hair technique developed by Juliana has gained prominence in the market, becoming a true trend. Hair lengthening is not only an aesthetic option, but also a tool to provide a natural, modern and, above all, comfortable appearance, keeping the health of natural hair at the forefront. Follow @julianafiuzahairstylist, which has more than 60 thousand followers and is always bringing lots of news!