In addition to Barbie, Mattel plans the live-action of these toys

Polly Pocket, American Girl, Barnie and Hot Wheels are part of the list of Mattel’s toys that will have their own movie

According to The New Yorker, after the success achieved with the Barbie tape, the toy company plans to launch around 45 films, of which at least a third have already been formally announced.

1. ONE

The iconic board game will have its own story, and while the main premise revolved around a robbery scene, the script that had been proposed by Marcy Kelly was apparently scrapped. What other story do you think could emerge from this game?


The purple dinosaur will jump to the big screen under the production of Daniel Kaluuya (Flee, 2017) and, according to the actor’s words, the story will touch on issues such as anxiety and will include surreal overtones, since it will be aimed at an adult audience.


With the arrival of Barbie, it was to be expected that Polly Pocket would also have its own tape. In 2021, the filmmaker Lena Dunham was hired to work on the script and direct the project, she was joined by the actress Lily Collins who will appear as the protagonist and producer of the project.


If you wonder how this toy could become the main element of a story, the answer is simple: thanks to horror movies. Although Universal initially thought of promoting a romantic comedy, the Blumhouse film studio proposed mixing laughter with scares in a project written by Jimmy Warden himself (Cocaine Bear, 2023).


The adrenaline will take over the screen with a live-action tape of Hot Wheels, a footage that aims to be as emotional as it is spectacular. This project is in the hands of the production company Bad Robot and Warner Bros. Discovery and will be produced by J.J. Abrams.


In addition to Barbie and Polly Pocket we will also see the arrival of American Girl, the line of dolls. Despite the fact that this tape was announced in 2019, after the collaboration between Mattel and MGM, the project remains at an early stage.

Other films that Mattel will bring to the big screen are: Major Matt Mason, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Thomas the Engine, Big Jim, Matchbox, Big Jim as well as View-Master.