Janguiê Diniz companies use online platform to conduct operations during pandemic

While a cloud of uncertainties hangs over the resumption of classes across the national territory, the education sector is increasingly relying on technology to continue its operations.


Ser Educacional, for example, which has under its umbrella universities in the North, Northeast and Southeast of the country that serve more than 152 thousand students, and Instituto Êxito de Empreendedorismo, both owned by billionaire Janguiê Diniz, joined Edulabzz’s tools , an innovation laboratory specialized in technologies aimed at education that developed Toolzz, a set of applications for Education 4.0 that works as a hub of innovative educational solutions.


“Thanks to this partnership, we were able to make our online platform available with almost 300 free courses, taught by big names in national entrepreneurship. Thus, we are reaching thousands of young people throughout Brazil and helping to change their lives”, says Diniz.


The package includes Netflix-style distance learning platforms, educational podcast apps similar to Spotify and even an app that works like the Uber of education, directly connecting students to teachers.


The system works in the white label model, allowing the school to customize the platform with its entire visual identity and create its own personalized environment in up to 24 hours, with a low monthly subscription cost, which varies from R$ 1 to R$ 5 per user active.


“Just with the J. Piaget Teaching System, of basic education, we are now reaching 198 schools and more than 75 thousand students”, says the founder of edtech, Lucas Moraes, which, in total, already has hundreds of thousands of students connected daily and wants to compete with giants in the technology market like Google and Apple, which also already have packages of solutions for online education.


During the pandemic, Edulabzz added new features to the online platform, such as remote classrooms, live broadcasts, study groups, class systems, bulletin board, test creation and activity correction tools.


Today, Edulabzz offers its solutions directly to schools, but recently started a business line focused on education systems that helped scale the platform during the pandemic. And, in the coming months, it is preparing its internationalization for Latin America and the United States. “We are investing in research and development, always in line with the needs of the educational market, to create innovative solutions that make life easier for managers, teachers and students”, concludes Moraes.