Leones de Habanos, the third Regional Edition exclusively for Spain, arrives through Larrañaga

Habanos launches Por Larrañaga Leones, the third Regional Edition exclusively for Spain of this long-standing Cuban brand founded in 1834, which already triumphed nationally with Por Larrañaga Legendarios and Por Larrañaga Secretos.

Leones, with great recognition within the Habanos vitola, is the vitola of the Por Larrañaga brand selected exclusively for cigar lovers in Spain.

This new vitola, known in the industry as Coronas Grandes, has a ring gauge of 42 and a length of 156 millimeters. This cigar, with a woody, spicy, mineral flavor and a sweet background, reaches a mild-medium strength and surprises with its aroma of coffee and cinnamon, offering a very pleasant smoke of almost an hour.

Legendaries, Secrets and Lions

Por Larrañaga Leones joins those so appreciated by Spanish fans Por Larrañaga Legendarios and Por Larrañaga Secretos as the third Regional Edition exclusive for Spain.

These distinguished editions are vitolas that Habanos produces exclusively for a world market and that are not present in the brand’s portfolio.

These tobaccos have two rings, one of the brand and another in silver and garnet that includes the legend of “Exclusive” and the corresponding destination market, which also appears on a sticker on the box. They are produced in a limited quantity and in numbered semi-boite nature wooden boxes of ten cigars each.

Among the latest Regional Editions for Spain we remember the success of Flor de Cano Mágicos, La Gloria Cubana D No. 5 and Diplomáticos Private Collection II.