Tácito Cury does business in the area of ​​education with Arab countries

The speaker and trainer travels to Asia and presents his artificial intelligence project

Tácito Cury, who gives lectures and training on artificial intelligence, is now in Arab countries to further expand the reach of his business. In a world increasingly concerned with education, Saudi is included in this context and has been developing projects in this regard. Joining the group of partners for education is Oman or the Sultanate of Oman officially known in the Gulf of Oman and which is important located between the Arabian Peninsula and the Persian Gulf, borders with the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen and maritime borders with Iran and Pakistan.

On the other hand, we have the University of Nilzwa, the second most important university in the region, founded in 2004, it is located 140 km from the country’s capital and offers high quality education, today with 30 undergraduate courses and 6 master’s degrees, with a student body of 6500 students.

“I was in Oman, in the capital Muscat and Nisha, doing artificial intelligence work in the area of ​​education with teachers, educators and opinion leaders. I was introduced and met the Ministry of Education, because they have a new agenda, 2040, where they want to bring an economy based on knowledge and learning”, says Cury.

Tácito Cury and education

Founder of the company, Cury is a teacher, businessman, speaker, passionate about education and with his skills, through these lectures and franchises to more than 50 countries, he brings with him the possibility of a new beginning for many professionals who are willing to take a course and propagate knowledge around the world with the teaching of the English language.

After completing the course, regardless of where these people are, they can count on another opportunity through this new ability to teach a universal language, opening frontiers for study (as I have been doing for over 20 years as a way of giving back to the world what I acquired through my studies).

Tácito, in addition to his training, studied Digital Marketing at EFAP in Paris, where his thesis was on Artificial Intelligence and the possibility of it being incorporated into classes with physical teachers or their extinction in the classroom, knowing the need for training in this region so lacking structures for good training, he brings and develops the project together with the competent bodies, such as the Ministry of Education and Culture of each country, through new units and partners from around the world.

So, along with the Oman 2040 vision timeline towards a knowledge-based economy within the framework of the vision, the national strategy for education 2040 is designed to define a new framework for education, the development of capabilities or skills, the transfer of jurisdiction and responsibilities for educational institutions and the adoption of a results-based approach.

“Because education transforms. So, I’m here because I want my project to be part of this, since this is a country that is developing a lot and women have more rights”, concludes Tácito.