Find out more about Dr. José DALVO Maia Neto

Dr. José DALVO Maia Neto is a doctor from Ceará, with 20 years of experience. He studied at a public college in Brazil, was a student of master Pitanguy, completed internships (fellows) in countries such as France (Paris) and Italy (Milan).

He carried out microsurgical, chest and gluteal reconstruction work, this time after inappropriate use of industrial silicone in the gluteal region, carrying out surgery to extract this material and at the same time reconstructing the region, including gluteal implants at the same surgical time, as highlights in the scope of reconstructive surgery.

In the scope of aesthetic surgery, the already well-regarded doctor became famous with his resources in Abdominoplasty, with his technique of adhesion points to improve the abdominal contour at first and later with the famous technique of gluteal fat grafting, titled and known worldwide as the high definition gluteal fat grafting, or known as the famous “4d butt”.

Dr. DALVO also stood out by performing surgeries on famous personalities from the Northeast and Brazil, as well as people from all over the world who travel to Brazil in search of their talents in plastic surgery.

Despite several invitations to perform surgeries in São Paulo, the United States and Europe, Dr. DALVO always refutes this hypothesis, claiming that he does not like the idea of ​​escaping from his roots, from which he considers the semi-arid northeastern region as where he emerged and blossomed to become become one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in Brazil and the world.

In December, this notorious doctor will perform demonstrative surgeries in Punta Cana, as a way of disseminating his concepts and techniques, sharing them with fellow plastic surgeons handpicked around the world.

Dr. DALVO continues as a highlight of the already famous and renowned Brazilian school of plastic surgeons, with a natural talent for sculpting bodies around the world.