Lima, among the three most recognized cities in the world to try local food

This ranking is for foodies at heart, who enjoy a good culinary proposal in Lima, regardless of where they try it

Yes, Lima has restaurants at the level of the best in the world and chefs who have stood out internationally. However, a new ranking placed the country’s capital among the best cities in the world to try local food.

The one that every mortal can enjoy without paying exorbitant bills for a dinner. This is made clear by the list of “100 Best Cities to Try Local Food”, prepared by the specialized portal Tasteatlas.

This highlights those destinations that do not stand out for having more Michelin stars, nor for the most famous chefs; however, its culinary proposal is just as exquisite.

This is how Lima managed to stay in third place worldwide, just behind Florence and Rome in Italy and above Naples and Hong Kong, which ranked fourth and fifth respectively.

Lima among the best cities to eat Source: @tasteatlas

As the listing highlights, this one is not made to feed anyone’s ego by uploading their Instagram photos while dining at an exclusive restaurant; However, the local cuisine of the country does not ask for anything from haute cuisine.

To verify this, it is enough to walk its streets, because “the local culinary scene is recognized for its innovative fusion of traditional Peruvian ingredients with international techniques, which makes Lima a culinary meeting point,” the publication highlighted.

What to try in Lima?

Although no one in Peru can resist the raw fish marinated in citrus juices and seasoned with chili peppers, which make up ceviche, Tasteatlas recommends trying the following local food:

  • Butifarra (sausage);
  • Salchipapas;
  • Ceviche;
  • Anticucho (meat brochette);
  • Aji de gallina (chicken chili).



For this, you can visit some of the iconic places in the capital such as: Isolina Taberna Peruana, Astrid y Gastón, Mi Barrunto, Panchita or the Antigua Taberna Queirolo.

In this way, locals and visitors will be able to see why Lima was able to take a place from Italian cities among the best destinations to enjoy local food.