Mackenzie Scott becomes the richest woman on the planet

Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife joins Forbes’ list of billionaires after $35.9 billion divorce in 2019

The day started well for the shareholders of the e-commerce giant Amazon which, after closing the last successful week with 3.56% of earnings per share, accumulated a valuation of 1.45% this Monday (31).


As a result, Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon, earned US$ 3.9 billion in the day’s session, with a fortune now set at US$ 203.2 billion.


The unexceptional brief variation also represents a leap for Mackenzie Scott, ex-wife of Jeff Bezos. The billionaire ended the last week as the third richest woman in the world, with US$ 64.4 billion, but started the day in 13th position in the Forbes billionaire ranking and with the title of richest woman on the planet, with US$ 1.3 billion more and equity valued at $65.8 billion.


Mackenzie’s new brand puts L’Oreal heiress Françoise Bettencourt Meyers in second place among women, with a fortune of US$65.3 billion, and Alice Walton of Walmart in third place, with a net worth of US$64. .2 billion.


She joined the group of fortune owners above 10 digits after the end of the separation process between her and Jeff Bezos, with whom she was married for 25 years. The couple’s divorce settlement, finalized in July 2019, earned Mackenzie 25% of Amazon shares in Bezos’ custody, equivalent to $35.9 billion.


Mackenzie Scott, who dropped her ex-husband’s last name earlier this semester, was the first accountant at Amazon, a company now valued at $1.738 trillion.


The billionaire graduate of Princeton University is a writer and her first published novel was “The Testing of Luther Albright” (“The Test of Luther Albright”, in the free translation and without release in Portuguese), in 2005. Jeff and Mackenzie are now the man and richest woman on the planet.