Meet businesswoman Vivi Marques, inspiration for resilience in the business world for women

From housewife to successful businesswoman, Vivi Marques has been building her legacy in the real estate and agricultural sectors in Brazil for 12 years.

Currently in Portugal, Vivi Marques discovered something in herself that would be capable of transforming lives (just as hers was transformed), entrepreneurial resilience through Growth Mindset. A methodology that puts people in a permanent state of learning and seeking improvements, achieving satisfactory results and desired objectives!

By investing in a growth mindset, Vivi Marques wanted to go further and opened companies in the areas of technology, education and entertainment in Portugal. Promoting events and business connections.

After realizing what really prevented people from achieving success in their areas, Vivi said: “There are invisible barriers that surround us and prevent us from achieving success, these barriers are present in everyday life and for many it is almost impossible for them to be seen. ! They are so camouflaged that they go unnoticed. One of these barriers is sabotaging thoughts!”

When we consciously or unconsciously create obstacles to doing what we need and achieving our goals, we are sabotaging ourselves. The good news is that it is possible to control these patterns and reduce their influence on our behavior, however, it is essential that we identify them. And this was Vivi Marques’ key point in overcoming these invisible barriers and achieving success.

Since then, Vivi Marques has become a business reference, embracing new projects and impacting everyone with a warm and positive energy! To connect with this successful businesswoman and have access to content that transforms lives and companies, follow her on social media @vivimarques.oficial