Multifaceted, Michele Umezu is a businesswoman, has more than 130 courses in the area of beauty, an athlete and studies Psychoanalysis and Biomedicine

The bodybuilder, who has 23 trophies, wants to reach the Olympia Masters

Michele Umezu is an example that it is possible to dedicate yourself to different areas and be successful in all of them. She, who is also an influencer, is a businesswoman, has more than 130 courses in the area of beauty, is an athlete and studies Psychoanalysis and Biomedicine. Furthermore, he is fluent in other languages.

“Today I am a bodybuilding athlete, I am preparing for the next championship on April 20th in Rio de Janeiro. I am studying Psychoanalysis and Biomedicine. I have lived in Asia, Singapore and Thailand. I speak English, Japanese and Portuguese and I understand and speak little other languages “, account.

Michele is also an entrepreneur, works with mentoring, has her brand of glasses, fitness fashion, beachwear and is launching her detox kit for weight loss and detoxification of the body. And your resume doesn’t stop there.

“Today I have more than 130 courses in this area of beauty, well-being, I specialize in Aesthetic Micropigmentation, Paramedic, Spa, Detoxing and many others… I am finishing my nutrition and personal coaching course. My space is located in Rio de Janeiro/Barra “.

She says that she lived in Asia for a long time and returned to Brazil in 2009 to do a DNA test for her son with former player Ronaldo Nazário (Ronaldo Fenômeno).

His fitness life began when he lost 42kg. “Today my goal is to compete in bodybuilding and reach the Olympia Masters, the biggest bodybuilding event in the world. I collect 23 more trophies”, he concludes.