Netflix is ​​preparing to launch games on the streaming platform

The streaming platform, Netflix, is preparing to launch a range of games for its subscribers. It will be possible to connect the mobile phone to the television, to use it as a command

In 2021, Netflix put several games on its North American platform, in order to attract more subscribers and thus counteract the sharp decline, the steep, of its subscribers.

However, the success they hoped to achieve fell short of expectations.

Netflix Games, as it is called, is currently only available on their website, and is compatible with Android and iOS systems, however, it is not yet possible to play them directly on television.

But now, it seems, there will be one more novelty on the platform: it will be possible to connect iPhones to the application, attach them to television screens, and use them as a command device for the games that are available.

It is also expected that the platform will invest in a diversified range of games, in order to attract new customers. If it does so, as predicted, Netflix will be the first streaming platform to reach this new business.

It will be possible to connect iPhones to the application on television screens, and use them as a command for games.

Last week, Vice President of Netflix Games, Leanne Loombe, stated that it was the company’s intention that “Netflix games are available on any device used by Netflix subscribers.”

It should be noted that, between April and July 2022, Netflix lost almost a million subscribers as customers decided to leave the service. This was the company’s biggest ever drop in customers, with several cancellations in the United States, Canada and Europe.

The consequences were disastrous. In 2022, Netflix’s stock prices fell by more than 60%, in what was seen by many specialist media as “a perfect storm” caused not only by the competition it is subject to, but also as a result of such inflation. galloping how unexpected.

During the pandemic, Netflix had consolidated its market position

It is true that the US company is facing very strong competition from Apple TV, HBO Max, Amazon Prime and Disney+.

If during the COVID-19 pandemic it had a huge boost with people locked up at home with nothing to do, it had the consequence of more than a sharp increase in its audiences: it accelerated, in an unforeseen way, the growth of competitors.

After having had extraordinary rises in 2021 with the pandemic, the US company found itself in trouble with the abrupt fall it suffered, reacting badly to the losses suffered in 2022.

The main cause of customer withdrawal is due to the increase in prices of a Netflix that had not underestimated the scale of inflation to which it was subject, and which led it, immediately, to decide to charge more money to those who wanted to share its counts with other people.

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The company, which had a virtual monopoly on streaming in 2019, decided to fight the competition, which offered its streams at about half the price of those of Netflix, introducing advertisements as some of its new companies did, thus achieving cheaper subscriptions. But not everything went as badly as expected.

In the second quarter of 2022, Netflix predicted a further drop of 2% of its audiences, but ended up only losing 1% of them. With the new version of these and the ongoing appeal of controlling games via mobile phone – capturing the imagination of more tech-savvy subscribers – it sets up a gamble that may not have the expected success.

Indeed, both Goldman Sachs and Bank of America expressed concerns about the results of the ad campaign to which the audience reacted badly, leading to a 5.3% loss on the stock exchange in the third quarter of 2022.

Soon after, accelerating the process from the end of 2022, Netflix decided to buy several studios and bet on the novelty that is the Netflix Games project. Will the “classic” company that we all know have the result you expect?

Netflix lost nearly a million subscribers in 2022. It is not yet known when the company intends to launch this new service on its platform.

However, it has already been announced that, later this year, 2023, Netflix wants to launch more than 40 new games in its application.