“Ugly fruit” not marketable? Casanova takes advantage of it to produce citrus fruit gin

Casanova Citrus is a gin produced by Lemos Figueiredo-Adega das Frutas de Alcobaça, using citrus fruits in the distillation that had no use for sale. Project has the support of Too Good To Go

Lemos Figueiredo – Adega das Frutas de Alcobaça, launched Casanova Citrus, a gin that has the particularity of combining five citrus fruits from surplus or non-marketable productions, as they are considered “ugly fruit”.

The production is supported by the Too Good To Go food waste app. Lime, yuzu, grapefruit, lemon and tangerine are the five fruits of Casanova Citrus, whose production process “is inspired by the classic London Dry Gin, where wild juniper and coriander seeds are macerated in grain alcohol.

The citrus peels are steam infused during distillation, in a copper still, resulting in a vibrant and fresh drink”, explains the brand.

“For Casanova Citrus, we wanted to use and save national fruit and, here, Too Good To Go proved to be the ideal partner, identifying citrus fruit producers that we needed and that needed a solution for their productions, as was the case from Cerlima, with whom we worked”, says Mariana Figueiredo, master distiller and marketing manager at the winery.

Following the motto of the Casanova brand – “Love Your Gin. Love the Planet”-, the citrus version is also available in Wild Glass bottles, made of recycled glass, and gives a second life to fruit that would otherwise go to waste: “Sustainability continues to be one of the main pillars of our brand. We believe that we can save the planet, not overnight, but from bottle to bottle, and the consumer has already proven that he is with us in this mission”, adds Mariana Figueiredo.

Casanova Citrus is now available online and physically at the Ginjinha d’Alcobaça store, next to the city’s monastery, in two sizes, 500 and 700 ml.