Web Summit purchases made by attendees grew 42% compared to 2021

SIBS reports that the number of transactions carried out by participants at the Web Summit grew by 42% compared to 2021. Purchases and withdrawals in the Lisbon district also increased: +24%


SIBS was the Official Cashless Event Partner of the Web Summit 2022, offering a totally cashless experience on the premises, providing different payment solutions, this year even more innovative, such as SoftPOS tap and pay on smartphone and MB WAY QR Code Express, for faster, more convenient and safer electronic purchases.

SIBS now reveals that during the four days of the event, 84,000 purchases were made on the premises, which reveals a 42% increase in the total number of operations compared to the 2021 Web Summit. The average value per purchase was 12.25 euros having registered an increase of 19% compared to the previous year.

Data from SIBS Analytics also show that, of total purchases, 19.9% ​​were made with national cards and 80.1% with foreign cards, from 120 different nationalities. Among the Top 5 nationalities, the United Kingdom stands out (10.5%), Germany (7.8%), Brazil (5.5%), the USA and the USA. (4.9%) and Ukraine (4.3%).

Thus, the most represented countries remain in 2021, with the exception of Poland, which was replaced this year by the USA. The peak of transactions occurred on November 2, Wednesday, at 1:24 pm.

Purchases and withdrawals in the Lisbon district also increased by 24.9% in the number of operations in the week of the Web Summit (from 29 October to 6 November) compared to the same period last year, and 48.1% in the total number of transactions carried out by foreigners in view of the 2021 Web Summit.

Regarding the length of stay in Lisbon of foreigners who visited the Web Summit, 17% were in the Lisbon region the previous weekend and 42% the weekend following the event. Based on card activity on the Multibanco Network, the activity sectors where the most operations were recorded were supermarkets (28.9%), restaurants (25.9%) and petrol stations (4.9%).