Camila Silveira a symbol of success that goes beyond empowerment

Camila Silveira, the marketing specialist, director of the Angola Brazil chamber of commerce, recently took on the position of project and business coordinator at Rede Brasil de Televisão, each achievement the executive proves her success story

The awareness that exhibiting a job well done is essential was what encouraged Camila Silveira to achieve success and recognition to become the coordinator of Rede Brasil.

A woman who considers herself “shy” and a close friend of technology, a territory that she travels with mastery and tranquility to leverage sales. No wonder it has always been successful in its business in national and international territory.

Camila Silveira never planned or intended to be a “public figure”. She was always very observant and with a level of questioning beyond the traditional. Until a few years ago, the businesswoman’s history had been built on anonymity and surrounded by the most advanced levels of current resources due to her passion for digital tools, applications and social networks.

With the need to “break boundaries” in the field of exports and the development of the African territory, where she has held the position of director of the Angola Brazil chamber of commerce for over 6 years, the exposure of her image was something inevitable.

As a result, there was a surprising growth in the number of followers on Camila’s social networks. Internet users began to read and witness practical messages of teaching and instructions for expanding entrepreneurs that he publishes daily on his networks @camilasilveiraoficial.

The desire to make your voice reach further and further became an important focus in your journey.