Influencers present new line of intimate gel

Intimate gel can completely change the couple’s routine, say influencers


In relationships, it is essential to cultivate intimacy and connection between partners

And, some strategies that can be used to maintain the romance, such as the lubrication gel. This product recently became popular, since it offers a unique sensorial experience, bringing couples closer together.

Thinking about having an unforgettable experience with this item, the influencers Déa and Jal partnered with the brand Luvv. They released their own erotic products, compiled in a kit named “Five ways to awaken the sensorial connection”. The couple has billions of views in their videos on social media, and they recently joined the corporation´s team.

This kit offers many benefits, such as the emergence of new senses and the mutual exploration of sex, increasing pleasure. Besides that, by using those products, the couple can experience a new routine, renewing it for the best. But, it is essential to remember that everything must be done with the consent of both parties.

The lubrication gel is an emotional tool for couples who desire to intensify their intimacy. When the senses are awakened, the pleasure is increased and there is more exploration, bringing the partners closer together in deep levels and creating a new dimension to the relationship.

In time: all the products are vegan and not tested on animals.

More about the intimate gel kit

Sliding and silicone gel – the connection´s power by touching
It has a satin effect on the skin and also creates the feeling of a soft touch.
Body lotion with oil: It brings sensuality to a bath

With this oil, made with cotton, grape seeds and avocado, the couple can have long moments of pleasure, from the preliminaries until the end.

Kisses Gel – Condensed Milk- The devotion for your lips
The sexy kissed gel flavored with condensed milk, has in its formula the Sense Hot component, which creates a smooth spicy feeling, making the kiss unforgettable and special!

Honey stimulating gel – The freedom of the sex instincts
Our drops can provide magical moments during sex, upgrading your natural lubrication and creating a slight warmth in your skin.

Liquid Berries Vibrator – The pleasure´s max pulsation
This gel can make you feel a lovely sensation of pulsation and sexual arousal. It is made with Jambu, making your skin vibrate.