Google presents new tools to plan your trip

With these new tools that Google will launch throughout the summer it will be easier to plan your trip and enjoy gastronomy

Google presented its new tools for this summer 2023 that seek to facilitate the movement of travelers and offer data to tourists.

Reimagining the way users search for trips, three new tools were added to the Google search engine that offer a better experience when traveling through different destinations.

Hotel Stories on Mobile: A new visual story format is now available for browsing hotels on from your smartphone, giving you a better visualization of the property and rooms on offer close to where you want to be .

“Recent” tab in Google Maps: Only available from a computer, this offers travelers an easier way to organize since it is possible to save the places consulted and thus plan a complete tour.

“Near me”: It is a search for food and drinks that extends to the whole world. To use it, you only have to have the photograph of the food that you are curious about, search for the image in google and then add the phrase “Near me”. It will immediately tell you where, near where you are, you can find said dish.

These are the new tools with which Google is committed to providing a better experience to its users when they vacation, making their trip easier and making the most of their visit.