Meet the journey of integrative doctor Dr. Enrique Lora

Known for practicing excellent Integrative Medicine, Dr. Enrique Lora has a trajectory that goes beyond that, as he himself says that he “treats the body and cares for the souls” of patients, with the purpose of transforming lives. It all began when he enrolled in the Radiology specialization at the Heart Institute of the Medical School of USP (INCOR). Later, the doctor invested in Nutrology, where he specialized through ABRAN (Brazilian Association of Nutrology). “For years, I have been practicing integrative medicine, and this approach does make a difference in the quality of life for anyone. I learned through courses, experiences, including overseas, and of course, in the clinic, that it is necessary to analyze the patient as a whole, questioning them about gut function, quality of sleep, and individual behavioral routines, taking into account their profession, habits, and conduct,” he explains.

His father, also a doctor, is largely responsible for his professional choices, including the conduct of always giving 110% in everything he does. “Since I can remember, I have always had a vision of extremely hardworking parents. Along with that, there is also a bit of feeling abandoned because as children, we don’t understand very well why our father or mother is absent. I remember very well: I would lie in my bed in a position that allowed me to see the shadow of my father passing under the door, and I would only sleep peacefully after seeing that he had arrived home. That way, I knew I could rest. My father is a gynecologist and obstetrician, so it was quite common for there to be births at night,” he confides.

The doctor recalls that between the ages of 6 and 7, his parents separated and the impact it had on his life. “Today, as a father and a doctor who observes all the traces of trauma that a child carries, I can say with all certainty that the male figure is as important as the female figure in upbringing and development. And one of the main things that the male figure brings is security. While my mother brought me thousands of qualities and models regarding values, taught me to learn and practice empathy and care for others, the father brings security and firmness,” he says.

According to him, the key to change came from within after investing in self-knowledge and therapy. Even while practicing medicine, Dr. Enrique Lora puts into practice what he believes in his life and for his patients. “Today, I can see that I have the responsibility to have balance between work and being as present as possible with my family and as a father. Even though I may prescribe a vitamin here, a supplement there in my work, the best replenishment that can be made in a child’s life is the presence of affection, care, and love.”

Self-assertion to be sufficient

The fact that he was influenced in his career choice almost entirely by his father did not make Lora an unhappy professional, quite the opposite. “I was forced to choose Medicine, because I had a conservative-minded father who wanted a promising future for his son. He told me several times that I had to choose between three professions that would prevent me from experiencing hardship: Engineering, Law, or Medicine. Today, I know that taking care of people is my purpose, provoking transformations in life is my daily practice, and family is my foundation.”

Living abroad was a dream come true for a while and it taught him lessons. “Time went by in school, I reached my third year of high school, and then I went on an exchange program where there was a possibility for me to stay there. But doing what? Medicine. Canada is a wonderful place, those who know it know that it is a place where you have more tranquility, we are less subject to certain difficult situations that we experience here in Brazil. There is plenty of work, and you have a unique quality of life, but I chose to return to be close to my parents… That prevented me from staying in Canada, even though I wanted to and loved that country, which I still do,” he recalls.

Back on Brazilian soil, Lora began his specialization in Radiology at INCOR (Heart Institute), in one of the best hospitals in Brazil. With commitment and responsibility, he knew he was close to the best in the country and kept working. “The same business sense started early in Radiology, where I began to see patients and saw the opportunity to have my superiors work with me in a service that I had recently created. That’s when I showed that the entrepreneurial spirit was pulsating and never stopped.” Among the completed and ongoing postgraduate programs are Hormonology and Longevity, Sports Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Medical Auditing, and his most recent update was in Mind Body at Harvard Medical School.