The fifth Forbes Funds special is now on sale

In this fifth edition, which coincides with the number of the Forbes Rich List 2023, Forbes Funds focuses its attention on the forecasts for 2024, with a focus on the impact on the economy of the rise in interest rates for control inflation and the possibility of a recession in the economy arriving on the scene. This is why the different economic agents are preparing to develop different investment strategies.

Among the most notable topics of the issue is how European banks are reconfiguring themselves to withstand the pull of the increase in the price of money, thinking about 2024. The balance sheets of financial entities seem to have arrived in full shape at the end of 2023, although Experts believe that it will be difficult to match the numbers from the previous year. Their good capitalization puts them in a much more stable place.

On the other hand, fund managers are also adopting different strategies to face the possible economic recession in 2024. Fixed income and monetary funds are emerging as the main assets on which sector experts focus. Defensive bets seem to remain the clear winners in this environment.

Despite this greater uncertainty and the increasingly growing chances of a crisis in the economy, the Forbes Funds special highlights that there are still options to protect wealth from an investment point of view. Experts specify that investors should be prepared for greater market volatility and be willing to adopt a strategy to invest in the coming years. They also suggest that you should consider diversifying your portfolios to reduce risk and protect yourself against an economic slowdown.

In addition to traditional investment options, the special highlights the possibilities of operating in an adverse environment in the world of cryptocurrencies. Once again, the Bitcoin halving will be on the roadmap in 2024, so many investors consider it a good time to take a look at the crypto sector. Cryptocurrencies have improved their performance in 2023 and it seems that next year their path may be even more positive.

However, experts warn that cryptocurrencies are a high-risk investment and that investors must be willing to accept greater volatility and possible investment loss. They also note that investors should do their due diligence and understand the risks and benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies before making any decisions.

The Forbes Funds special focuses on the outlook for the possible economic recession in 2024. Experts offer their opinion on their macroeconomic vision and how to deal with it when investing. It analyzes how banks are facing rate increases, the strategy of fund managers in this context and the possibilities of operating in an adverse environment.

Ultimately, the special is a high value-added tool for investors seeking to understand the outlook for the possible economic recession in 2024. Experts offer a wide range of opinions and investment strategies, from portfolio diversification to cryptocurrencies . What is clear is that in an uncertain economic environment, preparation, patience and diligence are key for investors seeking to maximize their investment opportunities and reduce risk when investing.

The sixth issue of Forbes Funds will go on sale together with the Forbes issue for the month of May next year, Forbes Best CEO 2023.